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Laurie (Kevalaa)Hislop

I was drawn to the gentle, but deep inner release offered by this style of yoga when I started practicing Svaroopa® Yoga in 2003.  Because the personal benefits were so profound..... a quieter mind, state of calm, contentment, ease of body,  I decided to pursue teacher training so that I could share the same benefits with the people around me.  I have been teaching Svaroopa® Yoga since 2010 and consider it a great honour to share this teaching with my students.

I am a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher with 700 hours of teacher training. I am also a Yoga Embodyment® Therapist. I participate in continuing education courses every one to two years with Svaroopa Vidya Ashram in PA, to continue my ongoing training and development.  


I have been focussed on Deeper Training since 2016 and am committed to growing in consciousness and helping others to expand and grow.  

I am a member of SATYA, the Svaroopa® teachers association.

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