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Laurie's yoga class is one of the most healing experiences I've ever had.  I suffered with an almost chronic neck pain; I had been to my doctor, who recommended an orthodontist, I then tried an osteopath; he suggested that my neck was connected to my hips... After my first set of classes with Laurie my neck pain was gone, as a bonus my lower back doesn't bother me after walking...

The support and care Laurie takes with all her students makes taking her class a gift, a gift to yourself.


Exercise has always been a big part of my life.  Playing sports and taking fitness classes were my way of relaxing and re-energizing.

But sometimes life throws you a curve - a diagnosis of breast cancer and an accumulation of small sport injuries had me searching for something more.  I had tried various forms of yoga a couple of times in the past but it didn't stick.

Five years ago I met Laurie and she introduced me to her Blissful Yoga.

Svaroopa Yoga is different and I will warn you right now it is addictive.  Subtle and efficient it works from the inside out and the outside in all at the same time. It affects your body, your mind and your sense of self in a positive way.

Svaroopa Yoga provides me with the life balance I was seeking and daily practice is allowing me to continue to enjoy a happy, healthy and very active lifestyle into my senior years. Quite a journey.


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