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Class types

Don't miss this opportunity to learn practical tools to de-stress your life!


Continuing classes:  In person

These classes are suitable for yogis new to Svaroopa yoga, as well as long time students.

ONLINE Continuing:

These classes offer both the beginning and continuing student the opportunity to explore a wide variety of poses. Please contact me ahead of time to discuss the props for the class and Zoom set up. This will make the experience of your first class much smoother.

ONLINE/IN PERSON Continuing Plus:

Designed to take the student who has been practicing Svaroopa® Yoga for at least 6 months into some of the deeper elements of the poses.  This class includes Therapeutic/Healing Poses.

Deeper yoga classes:  In person only (not available)

Include deeper variations, adjustments, propping and/or sequencing of a few of the poses in each class so you can

enjoy the results on a more profound level!

If you meet one or more of the following guidelines, you may be ready for the Deeper class:

-practiced Svaroopa® Yoga consistently for 1-2 years

-have a daily yoga practice or meditation practice

-have studied/taught another style of yoga for an extended period

-have completed the Foundations of Svaroopa® yoga training course.

If you are interested in attending Deeper classes, please contact me.


Private "one on one" sessions:

The cost is $60.00 for each session.  If you pre-purchase a package, the following prices apply:

5 private sessions – $275.

10 private sessions – $500.

 Available sessions are:


Embodyment® yoga therapy is based on the principles of  Svaroopa® Yoga. A gentle hands-on therapy that creates healing on all levels by encouraging  the muscles in the lower spine to release.   The therapist places her hands on the tightest areas of your body, using the principles of yoga, the  release of tensions occurs, reducing pain, anxiety & stress, as well as to help quiet your mind!  You receive the benefits of taking multiple yoga classes!

Suitable for most people, you are fully clothed and lie in Shavasana.   45 minutes - 1 hour.

Overlap Healing is a series of Embodyments® in quick succession.  If you are in chronic or severe pain, often more sessions are recommended.   If you are looking for quicker changes or you are feeling stuck in familiar old ways, inquire about Overlap healing sessions. 

Private yoga classes are just like your regular class, but customized to your needs.  This is private one-on-one instruction where you receive personalized attention! 1 hour


Create a Personalized Home Practice if you would like to practice at home but don’t know what to do!  I will customize a practice for you based on your own needs giving you pointers about the order of poses, alignments, cautions, etc..  We will practice the poses then you will write them down with all the important information.  In Svaroopa® Yoga the alignments are very precise & targeted to create reliable releases in your spine.  1 hour.


Breath Coaching - “You need to breathe.  Especially if you have any aches or pains, any injuries or illnesses, if your mind is racing much of the time or your anxiety and stress level is high -   you need to do more breathing. Specifically, you need to do more yoga breathing. Ujjayi Pranayama is taught at the beginning of every Svaroopa® yoga class because it is the most important of yoga’s breathing practices.”(from The Magic and Mystery of Ujjayi Pranayama)

The yogic breathing practice is one of the most important things you can do!  1 hour.

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